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Born to Create exhibition

Lucie Blaze - Born to Create
8th July – 5th August,

The opening is on Monday from 4 pm to 6 pm

Depot Artspace

Continuation of exhibition Born to Create.

This collection of skateboards is a celebration of females; specifically putting a spotlight on our local heroines but also worldwide ones. I would like to present these amazing women to inspire communities and youths and to show that you don't have to be famous in order to make a difference in the world around you.


Learn and Create

Learn and Create

Thursday 11th July, from 11 am to 1 pm

A 2-hour long interactive session for girls from 12 to 17 yrs old.*

We’ll talk about the women illustrated in Lucie Blaze’s artworks displayed at Depot Artspace.

We’ll explore the inspiring women in our Auckland community as well as those known worldwide.

Bring your own photos, prints, posters of women who inspire you and do a paper collage to take home and keep you inspired.

*20 girls max per session

for booking contact Lucie on

The session will take place at the Depot Artspace Gallery in Devonport.


Born to Create is no longer only an exhibition but it’s evolving into a lifelong project. Its purpose is to inform and inspire you. I’ll be continuously adding new illustrations and information about women who live in our communities and do good to our society, whether it be local or worldwide known. I invite you to send me your inspirational heroines and their stories

Born to Create


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