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Kickstarter Arts Campaign

I need your help to bring my unique skateboard designs and workshops to young people across New Zealand and beyond.

Skateboarding is about individuality, creativity, and expression. That’s what I aim to express with my limited edition skateboards, each adorned with a colourful and surreal artwork.


What I need from you  

With the success and positive feedback I have received so far, I would like to expand my brand further to reach more young girls. I have set a goal of NZD $17.000 to be split across three major areas to develop for the future.

These are:  

1. Custom Boards and Apparel  

One part of the funding will let me produce around 200 skateboard decks.

2. Design your own board workshops  

I run this workshop mainly in Auckland, NZ. I encourage creativity and imagination in a fun environment, and by the end of this workshop, kids have created a unique art piece that they can ride or hang on the wall. I’m there to help spark kids’ imagination, talk through the essence of good design and provide all the materials they need to bring their ideas to life.

Your generous funding will go towards buying blank skateboards so I can run my workshop for free or at low cost across skate parks and community spaces everywhere I go. It will also allow me to expand a range of art techniques.


3. Exhibition Born to Create

We were all born to create, but human creation wouldn’t be at all possible without women, the creators of us all. This collection will be a celebration of females; specifically celebrating local female heroines by putting them in the centre of attention. I gather photos of women who are inspirational to me and who have a huge impact on our society and communities, turning them into beautiful skateboard collages. I want to present these local heroines to inspire communities and youths and show that you don't have to be famous in order to make a difference in the world around you. The funding will go toward designing and producing a catalogue for this exhibition.




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