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Born to Ride

Born to Ride was born in 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand.
Lucie has designed over 50 of limited edition skateboards and her workshops have inspired over 300 young people to design their own skateboard.
Lucie's love for art and design connects with her desire for helping others, sharing skills and uplifting young people through art. She created these unique boards with colourful graphic images that represent a confident, vibrant and expressive style that celebrates a feminine power.

There are over a dozen designs available that will make a statement on the street or look just as cool hung on your wall. Lucie can personalise your design if you wish or join a workshop and design your own!
Lucie’s designs are a celebration of the power of women and the exhilaration of skateboarding. Browse the designs and choose the one for you.

Celebrating feminine power through art,

inspiration and skateboarding.



Born to Create

Skateboards celebrating inspirational women all around the world

Community Support

WIX Community Support 3000 px-08.jpg
Art Of Giving

A custom made skateboard donated for this occasion.

See the auction catalogue here

WIX Community Support 3000 px 12-12.jpg
Blaza Memorial

Set of five skateboards designed and gifted as contest prices.

WIX Community Support 3000 px-14.jpg
Ngā Rangatahi Toa

A custom made skateboard donated to Manawa Ora's raffle.


A custom made skateboard gifted to talented skate girl Sasha.


See Sasha here 

Malala for Bayleys
The Long Lunch for Totara Hospice

A custom made skateboard donated for this occasion. 

See more

OnBoard skate school

A handmade skateboard donated as a price reward for skate contest organized by OnBoard skate school.

WIX Community Support 3000 px-03.jpg
Art Auction Exhibition

A handmade skateboard donated to Shakti's first Art Auction under the theme ‘empowered women empower women’. 

See Shakti Youth here

WIX Community Support 3000 px-09.jpg
Messages from Spirit Charity Event

Specially illustrated skateboard deck with the Fox sisters for this special event.

WIX Community Support 3000 px-11.jpg
Lucca & Jess

A custom made skateboards gifted to talented skate girls Lucca & Jess. 

See Lucca and Jess here

Stand Out
Snowbitch Game of Skate vol. 4

Custom made skateboard donated to the skate contest Game of Skate in Czech Republic.

WIX Community Support 3000 px-12.jpg
Women Collective

A custom made skateboard donated to Women Collective.


Design your own board workshop
The Daily Board
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Manual Magazine
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