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'' The artworks are an
invitation to explore your

psyche and try uncontrolled
creativity, as you might be surprised by the beauty it
brings to the surface.''

Lucie Blaze’s recent mixed-media artworks are a combination of watercolours, acrylic paints, pencil, pastels, spray paints, and stencils. Composed of multiple layers of colour and undefined shapes. Lucies’s impetus for this series, ‘When the soul speaks’, comes from an uncontrolled creative process, something akin to the pursuit of ‘automatic drawings’ by renowned 20th century artists such as Hilma af Klint and Joan Miró.

The trance-like frame of mind induced by intense artistic creation is now recognised by psychologists as the ‘flow state’ of deep concentration. This mental phenomenon is of interest to Blaze as a channel through which the subconscious can be tapped into and bought to the outer world.


Original Artworks

© 2021 Sait Akkirman

Full photoreport here
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