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About me

Hello! I am Lucie, a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, art tutor.

As a graphic designer with 10 years of professional experience in agencies, studios and freelancing in Europe and New Zealand, I can synthesize and take in high-level information, transforming it into a clear and concise design and social creative. As an illustrator,
I allow myself to look at the world through rose coloured glasses and bring playfulness and boldness into my creations. As an artist, I can see beauty in the ordinary and meaning in the ugly. I can see patterns where others see chaos. As a creator, I’m passionate about women’s rights particularly making it relevant for younger women through events, workshops or publication. As a former Art Therapy and Psychosynthesis student, I delve into the therapeutic potential of creativity, aspiring to aid communities and individuals in uncovering their authentic selves.
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Design your own board workshop
The Daily Board
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Manual Magazine
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Design Assembly
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