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Community Support

Art Of Giving

A custom made skateboard donated for this occasion.

See the auction catalogue here


A custom made skateboard gifted to talented skate girl Sasha.


See Sasha here 

Art Auction Exhibition

A handmade skateboard donated to Shakti's first Art Auction under the theme ‘empowered women empower women’. 

See Shakti Youth here

Lucca & Jess

A custom made skateboards gifted to talented skate girls Lucca & Jess. 

See Lucca and Jess here

Blaza Memorial

Set of five skateboards designed and gifted as contest prices.

The Long Lunch for Totara Hospice

A custom made skateboard donated for this occasion. 

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Messages from Spirit Charity Event

Specially illustrated skateboard deck with the Fox sisters for this special event.

Snowbitch Game of Skate vol. 4

Custom made skateboard donated to the skate contest Game of Skate in Czech Republic.

Ngā Rangatahi Toa

A custom made skateboard donated to Manawa Ora's raffle.

OnBoard skate school

A handmade skateboard donated as a price reward for skate contest organized by OnBoard skate school.

Women Collective

A custom made skateboard donated to Women Collective.