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The print magazine Born to Create - Interviews with Creative Women offers insight into the diverse creative practices and approaches of female and indigenous artists across Aotearoa New Zealand. I hope to explore every aspect of New Zealand's creative diversity through this printed magazine.

I aim to interview fifteen women per issue published twice a year. The first issue will have 100 copies and the magazine will be focused on perfectly crafted design. This will be a publication that you won’t ever want to throw away. All design and production work will be done by me, Lucie Blaze and for the first issue, the photographer will be Emily Raftery


The publication aims to please our aesthetic senses and feed our soul with rich content, diving into the creative practices of women across Aotearoa.

Women who confirmed their participation so far are:

Amanda Betts, Emily Raftery, Huia O'Sullivan, Louise Lever, Magali Corpas, Nadine Nahimana, Nicole Arnett Phillip, Nina Dyer, Sonia Wilson, Jack of Hearts, Tess Costil, Heleina Waimoana Dalton, Adrienne Wong

Your support is needed to grow

Born to Create"


So far, all my projects have been self-funded. To extend my reach, to create this magazine and to make "Born to Create" the best it can be, I've decided to use Boosted to reach a wider audience and to ask for support. 

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Your support in making this project happen would be so hugely appreciated.

Another way you can support this project is by purchasing one of these skateboards. Money raised from each purchase will help me to cover costs related to the magazine.
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