Born to Create - Celebrating Creative Women
The first in a series of inspirational talks 

Recently I received a year of an art residency at Ockham Collective which allows me to use their beautiful precincts for my workshops and events.

The Born to Create - Celebrating Creative Women is the first in a series of inspirational talks. 

Born To Create Exhibitions
Born to Create was displayed in Studio One Toi Tū during December 2020 and it's coming to Whanganui in February 2021. 

Women's Network Whanganui organizes La Fiesta: NZ's Best Women's Fest. The exhibition Born to Create will be on display during the festival with its opening on Wednesday 17 February 5.30 pm until the 27 February 2 pm at Space Studio & Gallery in Whanganui.
Konei is the e-commerce platform connecting the world with Aotearoa brands. 

You can check out my winning artwork for competition and video 

European Custom Board Show
Chalk BoardCustom present the third edition of the "European Custom Board Show" in Brussels.

Over 150 custom skateboards from European artists have been selected for this exhibition in Les Halles Saint-Géry, Belgium. The opening is on the 2nd of July and you can visit the exhibition until 7th of August 2020. You'll find a few boards from my Born to Create and Travel the World collections.

Kotahitanga through Creativity
Waikato Creative selected 16 artists to represent ''unity in diversity'' through a creative artwork

My piece represents our diverse and colourful communities all around the world. The need for kotahitanga (unity) and understanding is urgent. Kotahitanga through creativity is a campaign that serves as a springboard for the community to better understand and love all cultures.

Connect The Dots 
Mentoring programme Toi Ako for elderly people 

In 2019 I was offered an opportunity to mentor two elderly women living with dementia. Their home is Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital who joined art mentoring programme Toi Ako facilitated by the Connect the Dots Charitable Trust. Both women were exploring various art techniques while developing their visual language and working on artworks for a group exhibition Flirting with Form: Works by TOI AKO Artists.

Born to Create
A project celebrating women all around the world through art.

The collection of skateboards and canvases "Born to Create" is a celebration of females; specifically putting a spotlight on our local heroines. I would like to present these amazing women to inspire communities and youths and to show that you don’t have to be famous in order to make a difference in the world around you. The collection has been displayed at Studio One Toi Tu, Depot Artspace and the Pullman Hotel in Auckland. It became Pullman's permanent exhibition.

Bláža Memorial
annual skate jam contest

A skate contest and jam organized by Young Blood academy, Lucie Blaze and friends in Svitavy, CZ.  The Blaza Memorial is organized as a remembrance day for my brother, a passionate skateboarder. It's a beautiful initiative that brings together friends, families and skaters to celebrate life, love and skate. Activities during the day were skate lessons for kids, skate jam and contest, music bands and collective sky lanterns releasing. 

Photo credit: Zdeněk Špelda

Travel the World
Collection of skateboards, celebrating travelling, designed for The Pullman Hotel, Auckland

My collaboration with The Pullman Hotel in Auckland began in 2019 when I brought my Born to Create skateboard collection to their lobby. I was asked to design bespoke skateboards inspired by travelling and cities where you can find one of the Pullman Hotels. Both collections can be seen at the Pullman Hotel.

What is your superpower?
Visual exploration of our unique superpowers at
Khushi Rainbow Home in New Delhi

During my travels in India in 2019, I connected with charity The Artreach India. We held an art workshop at Khushi Rainbow Home which is a girl orphanage in New Delhi. We had three days to explore what makes each of us unique. 20 girls joined us and created drawings around the theme. ​Taking elements from each of their drawings, girls then painted their own characters on the main entrance door eg. floating on little clouds, playing badminton, reading, dancing, singing and laughing.

Design your own board in Bali
Street art event organized together with Joshua District in Bali

During my travels in Indonesia, I connected with Joshua District in Bali and we organized event that brought together local Czech and international community of artists and skaters. I run my Design your workshop while street artists were painting their wooden panels. Thanks to Martina and Lukas for making this happen.

Ngā Rangatahi Toa
Art mentoring intensive project Manawa Ora

Manawa Ora is an intensive, performance-based arts mentoring project that supports our rangatahi to creatively explore their own life experiences, so that they can see themselves in a different light and begin to transform their own lives. Matched up with a spoken word genius Jo was a transforming experience for both of us. Jo performed his spoken-word piece in front of a sold-out audience at the Herald Theatre and left most of us speechless with plenty to think about.

Photo credit: Danial Erikson

Girls Only skate session 
This happens when Paula is in the town

Since 2017 there is Girls Only skate session in Raglan organized by amazing skater Paula Costales and yoga teacher Jodi. Paula usually teaches girls the basics of skateboarding and ethics in the skatepark. In the meanwhile, I run my creative corner for those who need to add some sparkles on helmets or skateboards. This year even Peggy Oki came over to say Hi and had inspiring talk to the youths.

Girls to the Front
6 weeks of creative workshops for girls aged 10 to 14, facilitated and created by the Connect The Dots

In 2016 I was invited to run 6 weeks long creative workshops with the CTD's project Girls to the Front. We were discussing basic principles of graphic design and then implementing the knowledge to the final artwork on a skateboard-like wooden panel. Girls were encouraged to tell a message through their artworks. All artworks were exhibited at Sanderson Contemporary Art gallery. 

Born to Ride exhibition
Very first Lucie Blaze's exhibition of skateboards

This was a launch of Lucie Blaze as a skateboard brand in 2016. There were many people involved in making this happen. Big up to Aidan Elliott for sharing his skills with me, Smudge Signs for excellent prints, Aidan Rogers for skate lessons and Lion Rockers Hi-Fi sound system for bringing reggae vibes into the gallery yard.

Lululemon in Takapuna
Fresh Soul, Free Mind

Lululemon Athletica in Takapuna asked me to design, produce and install their window displays for the new season. I incorporated my skateboards into the installation and had my very very first workshop Design your own board at their store. 

Past Exhibitions
  • 2015 Vaya Con Dios, group exhibition, Matchbox Gallery, Wellington, NZ

  • 2016 ArtWeek solo exhibition at Circle Gallery, Newmarket, Auckland

  • 2017 People of Karangahape Road, group exhibition

  • 2019 Born to Create a solo exhibition celebrating local heroines, Studio One Toi Tū,

  • 2019 Born to Create a solo exhibition celebrating local heroines, The Pullman Hotel

  • 2019 Born to Create a solo exhibition celebrating local heroines, Depot Artspace,

Past Workshops
  • 2016 Workshop ''Design your own board'', Studio One Toi Tū, Auckland

  • 2017 Workshop ''Design your own board'', White Night, Silo Park, Auckland

  • 2017 Workshop ''Girls only - Design your own board'', Orewa Skatepark, Auckland

  • 2017 Workshop ''Design your own board'', Great Barrier Island Community Heritage and Arts Village

  • 2018 Workshop ''Design your own board'', Roskill Youth Zone, Auckland

  • 2018 Workshop ''Design your own board''Wesley Community Centre, Auckland

  • 2018 Workshop ''Design your own board'', Studio One Toi Tū, Auckland

  • 2018 Workshop ''Design your own board'', Te Oro Community Centre, Auckland

  • 2018 Girls skate session & Workshop ''Design your own board''Raglan

  • 2018 Workshop ''Design your own board'', Te Oro Community Centre, Auckland

  • 2018 Workshop ''Design your own board'', Valonia Street Skatepark, Auckland

  • 2018 Workshop ''Design your own board'', African Festival, Empire Studios, Auckland

  • 2018 Workshop ''Design your own board''CorpStudio, Auckland

  • 2018 Workshop ''Design your own board'', Te Oro Community Centre, Auckland

  • 2019 Workshop ''Design your own board''Bayview Community Centre, Auckland

  • 2019 Girls skate session & Workshop ''Design your own board''Raglan

  • 2019 Workshop ''Learn and Create'', Depot Artspace, Auckland

  • 2019 Workshop ''Girls only - Design your own board'', New Lynn Community Centre, Auckland

  • 2019 Workshop ''Girls only - Design your own board''Ellen Melville Centre, Auckland

  • 2020 Workshop ''Learn and Create'', Auckland Women's Centre, Auckland

  • 2020 Workshop ''Design your own board''Nathan Homestead, Auckland

  • 2021 Workshop ''Learn and Create'', Space Studio & Gallery, Whanganui

  • 2021 Workshop ''Design your own board''Space Studio & Gallery, Whanganui